Invasion of Privacy- Cardi B’s Message to Women Everywhere


Now that I’ve had a week to let “Invasion of Privacy” marinate, it’s clear that Cardi’s album is full of positive female anthems. In addition to the album, Cardi’s personal life is a true testament to the strength and grind of women, as her “rags to riches” story is as empowering as her music.

Through the entirety of “Invasion of Privacy,” Cardi tells the familiar story of love, heartbreak, family, career, and money. Cardi’s approach, however, is one of an independent woman, who takes the negative experiences in her life and uses them as motivation to grind harder for what she wants. Cardi encourages women to be assertive in their relationships, careers, and daily lives.

It’s difficult to be a Cardi B hater. She’s a genuine person who refuses to compromise her personality to fit industry standards. She remains true to herself even under criticism, and that’s what makes her so unique.

I’ll admit, Invasion of Privacy has been my go-to album since it’s release. Yes, I’m in a relationship, yes I’m a mom, but that doesn’t mean that her music can’t affect me the same way it’ll affect a single girl. After all, Cardi is about to be a wife and mother herself. I’ve been empowered by her music, as it reminds me to be more confident, stay focused on my goals, and to not let the thoughts and judgment of others influence the way I view myself. Her music is sexy and fun and makes me dance; while on the way to work, at work, or while I’m at home doing chores.

Cardi’s album was definitely worth the wait. Each song is so different but promotes the same message of independence throughout. If you haven’t already listened to Invasion of Privacy, take the time to listen to it in full ASAP!

What was your favorite song on the album? Let me know!

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