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10 Ways to Welcome Spring

Today marks the first day of Spring, and where I live, I was pleased to wake up to 50-degree weather and sunshine. Spring is my favorite season. After a long, cold, and bitter winter, it’s amazing to watch everything come back to life. There’s a feeling of rebirth and youth in the air as baby birds start chirping in the morning and the trees start to bud.

As someone who is affected by SAD (seasonal affective disorder), the first day of Spring immediately improves my mood and disposition. There are a few rituals that I’ve adopted over the past few years as a way to welcome Spring, and I want to share them with my readers as I feel like it’s vital for us to appreciate these small gifts that often get overlooked because we are so wrapped up in our lives. Without further ado, here’s a list of 10 ways to welcome Spring.

1. Go For a Walk

The first day of Spring may not always be the warmest, but it’s an improvement after five months of freezing temperatures. Going for a walk not only allows you to take in all the fresh air but it can also drastically improve your mood. For me, being able to slow down on the trip from my office to my car, really helps me appreciate that warmer and sunnier days are ahead.

2. Open the Windows / Roll the Windows Down

During the winter, we keep our car and home windows closed for the most part. In our home, the air can become quite stuffy as there’s a limited amount of fresh air. Opening the windows on the first day of Spring in your home can help all that stuffy air escape and let fresh Spring air come in. When I’m in the car, rolling my windows down with my music playing is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the first days of Spring; feeling the sunshine come through the windshield is one of my favorite feelings.

3. Take a Deep Breath

This only takes a few seconds, but taking a slow, deep breath of Spring air helps clear my mind and soul. This also allows me to have a moment of mindfulness, and to be fully present. I learned through my favorite podcast, Oprah’s Super Soul podcast, that taking thirty seconds a day to acknowledge the present can make a significant impact on the way I handle the stress of day to day life. We all owe it to ourselves to have this time to appreciate the fact that we are alive, the sun is out, and yes, that Spring is here.

4. Take Your Jacket Off

Again, the first day of Spring isn’t expected to be the warmest day of the year, but if you’re so fortunate to experience warmer temperatures, take off the winter coat with the fur trim and enjoy the sun and the crisp air. Now I’m not saying now is the time to break out the tank tops and flip flops, but we should still enjoy the current weather instead of waiting on Summer to enjoy the outdoors.

5. Clean Your House

Spring cleaning is a practice that we’re all familiar with whether we do it or not. As I mentioned earlier, Spring is a time for rebirth and new beginnings. During the winter, we tend to accumulate a lot of clutter just from being inside more so the beginning of Spring is the perfect time to throw away unnecessary junk and do a deep cleaning. When I’m finished, I like to burn some sage as well.

6. Wash Your Car

It seems like during the winter, everyone’s car has a white layer of salt covering the outside. In an unspoken agreement, most of us rock with this until the Spring, where it’s the perfect time to get the exterior of your car washed, waxed and ready for better weather.

7. Put Up a Bird Feeder

The birds are one of my favorite parts of Spring. Their musical chirping and new baby birds indeed make Spring the season of rebirth. I like to put up a bird feeder every year and watch the different types of birds visit my yard. If you don’t want to spend money, a pine cone, peanut butter, and a string will do just fine.

8. Start a Journal

In this season of new beginnings, why not start a journal? My favorite journaling technique is to write one thing down that I appreciated about my day. It’s quick, easy, creates a mindful moment and a spirit of gratitude; not to mention a journal is great to look back on in the future.

9. Go to the Zoo

I live near a major zoo, so this is something I love to do in the Spring. Before I had my son, I loved going with my husband or friends, but now that I have a toddler, I’m super excited to take him to the zoo. Spring is perfect since all the animals that are usually kept inside during the colder months get to come back outside for exhibit.

10. Plant Something

Earth Day is right around the corner, and what’s a better way to contribute to the season of new beginnings than planting something? A small herb garden is my personal favorite, but this year I look forward to planting a variety of vegetables, and my favorite, Sunflowers which segway into summer time.

I hope that these tips help you embrace and welcome Spring with open arms. It’s a beautiful time where nature renews herself – a page we can take from her book. What are some ways you like usher in this season? Leave a comment!

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