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Self Care Isn’t Face Masks & Bubble Baths – Here’s What Self Care is When You’re a Mom

Lately, the term “self-care” has gained recent popularity. More and more people are accepting the fact that taking care of yourself enables you to be your best self in external areas in your life. While this is very true, marketing companies have used this term to sell various products like face masks, bubble baths, and other items with the label that it’s for “self-care.”

Anyone who understands the true meaning of self-care understands that it’s so much deeper than using a face mask once or twice a week. As a working mama, self-care has taken on an entirely new meaning for me. Often, I get caught up in making sure that all my I’s are dotted and T’s crossed when it comes to my family and my demanding job. And honestly, it’s easy to forget about my self. There have been days where I’ve pushed my physical and mental limits, not eating for an entire day, and neglecting the little things that keep me going.

We are all given 24 hours each day to be as productive as possible, but sometimes we need a reminder to slow down, enjoy the moment, and nourish our bodies and souls. Self-care isn’t doing an expensive mud mask and using a Lush bath bomb. Self-care as a mama is remembering to eat, and not the leftovers of your toddler’s meal. Self-care isn’t going to get a manicure; it’s making sure you drink enough water throughout the day. Self-care isn’t coloring your hair or another vain venture. Self-care is taking care of your body, eating properly, getting adequate sleep, and meditating for your soul.

This post is shorter than my usual articles, but I feel like it’s important to remind myself and other mamas that we’re not robots. WE are made of flesh and spirit and need to maintain both so that we can be our BEST selves for our families, jobs, and ourselves.

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