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boss mom

10 Songs From my “Boss Mom” Playlist

By Eden 0 Comment February 13, 2019

Everyone has a playlist that gets them going on the way to work. As a working mom, I use these songs as motivation to crush my day and grind hard for my family. I’ve included my favorite lines from these songs, personal mantras if you will. Feel free to share! 1. Money – Cardi B […]

black girl narrative : education

Changing the Black Girl Narrative : Education

By Eden 0 Comment February 6, 2019

I chose to make the first installment of this blog series about changing the Black girl narrative when it comes to education. With the current political and social climate in our country, it’s essential that we begin taking the initiative to change the narrative of future Black girls everywhere from an early age; where these […]

cardi b money

For the Love of Money Part II – Setting Realistic Saving Goals in 2019

By Eden 1 Comment January 2, 2019

Happy New Year everyone! As you all know, I’ve declared 2019 the “Money Year”, so I thought it would be a great idea to start the year off right with a blog post on tracking expenses and setting realistic goals for to save as much money as possible in 2019! I’m by no means a […]

becoming michelle obama book cover

Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” – A Refreshingly Real Conversation

By Eden 1 Comment December 24, 2018

At just a little over two months since hitting the shelves, our Forever First Lady Michelle Obama’s memoir, “Becoming” is nothing short of iconic and unarguably an instant classic. With over 3.8 million copies sold and a book tour with ticket prices that could rival the “On the Run II Tour,” this must-have is 2018’s […]


For the Love of Money Pt. 1 – Why More Women Need to Love Their Money

By Eden 4 Comments November 4, 2018

Money. We all have it, we all deal with it, and let’s face it, we all need it. With that being said, why is it so hard to talk about money? I know for me, money was always a topic I kept to a minimum. I have bills, I pay them, I move on. I’ve […]

The Handmaid’s Tale – An Alternate Reality So Horrifying That I Can’t Look Away

By Eden 1 Comment June 4, 2018

Hulu’s sci-fi thriller “The Handmaid’s Tale”is a gripping show that has had me hooked since the very first episode. I’ll admit, that I first came into contact with the story when I read the book by Margaret Atwood which the show was adapted from, I was horrified by the plot and character struggles but couldn’t […]

Childish Gambino’s Multiple Wake Up Calls in “This is America”

By Eden 1 Comment May 8, 2018

This weekend, Childish Gambino dropped a new song and music video called “This is America.” The video was nothing short of iconic. Loaded with poignant imagery and sharp comparisons, Childish Gambino’s piece was chock full of messages and wake up calls that we all should take a moment to absorb. We are all aware of […]

Kim Zolciak-Biermann- The New Face of Blind Racism

By Eden 2 Comments April 23, 2018

Last night, the RHOA season 10 reunion had social media abuzz. If you keep up with the show, throughout the season there’s been tension surrounding comments made by Kim Zolciak-Biermann and her eldest daughter Brielle Biermann. After attending an event at Nene Leakes’ home last year, a video surfaced on social media of Brielle in […]

Invasion of Privacy- Cardi B’s Message to Women Everywhere

By Eden 1 Comment April 16, 2018

Now that I’ve had a week to let “Invasion of Privacy” marinate, it’s clear that Cardi’s album is full of positive female anthems. In addition to the album, Cardi’s personal life is a true testament to the strength and grind of women, as her “rags to riches” story is as empowering as her music. Through […]

women of black panther

How Black Panther Represented the Roles of Black Women

By Eden 0 Comment March 9, 2018

Marvel’s record-shattering film, Black Panther, has left its footprint not only in entertainment but within American culture. For decades, Black people have been portrayed through various lights in the media and entertainment industry. While there have been quite a few positive representations in media and film, the reality remains that negative images still exist. Black […]

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