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Transition – Making Yourself Receptive to Good Fortune – Create a Plan

I wrote the original post a little over two years ago and while so much in the world and my personal life has changed, I find myself still living by these words. As I continue to grow, my needs in my personal and professional life continue to evolve as well. Last week, I began my 25th chapter in life. One thing I love about birthdays (although I grew up not celebrating them) is that you’re forced to acknowledge the past year as well as think about the next one. 2020 was rough for everyone. A global pandemic, political and social unrest, and trying to keep it together as a person, wife, and mother caused me to fall back in the amount of time I dedicate to reflecting on the past, present, and future.

While the world continues to spin, sometimes seemingly uncontrollably, I’ve been left with no choice but to reflect on how to transition into the next phase of my life while adapting to the inevitable changes in our world. As someone who has very intense bouts with anxiety, I’ve learned that the best way for me to deal with uncontrollable changes, is to create a PLAN. Seeing my priorities and goals written down with a clear and concise action plan helps calm my mind and opens me up to receive all the blessings that come with transitions. Similar to many others, the events of 2020 disrupted my routine and caused me to quickly pivot in my path. I found myself mentally spiraling and feeling overwhelmed with how fast things were changing and how fast I was forced to readjust my life. I’ll be transparent, I was not receptive to the changes that were happening. I constantly tried to swim upstream against the current of the world and while it seemed to be working on the surface, deep down I was exhausting myself and my family. I had to have a really honest talk with myself, about my priorities and decided to create a plan that would put me back on the path that I found myself straying further and further away from.

A little over two years ago, I asked myself the question, “how can I make myself receptive to the good fortune that is coming with the changes in my life?” Now again I’m faced with the same question but now I’ve found an answer that has truly helped me: make a plan. It’s super easy for us to just let the chips fall where they may, but creating an action plan with reasonable goals, and sticking to it, opens your mind and heart to receive everything that is coming your way. Of course, plans don’t always go the way we hope, but by organizing our thoughts clearly and concisely, we are essentially preparing ourselves for things to come as well as reminding ourselves of the path that we’re on to achieve our higher purpose.

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